Knitting Like Madame DaFarge

I have been getting a ton done on projects because I got some free time* and have been using all my at-home hours to knit. DH, on a trip abroad, will be glad to know that no meals are getting made, no trash being taken out, no dishes put into the dishwasher, but I am happily knitting. And the girls forage for themselves (no worries, they are 15 and 17 and entirely capable of making a meal) and the cats make sure I feed them. I DID do the laundry this week!!

*Hardly remember what free time is, but once I get going, I sort of get the hang of it!

So I'm nearly done with that huge project for DD1, of which I had better not put up pictures for now, and yesterday I finished a cool felted tam for my SIL yesterday.

This is the pic of that--made of baby alpaca of several types. The bottom band is thicker and the top portion almost lacey, and it felted nicely! And to boot, it is not itchy as wool can sometimes be, esp. when felted. Shore hope she'll like it!

I think I have TMJ, on the right side, after going in to the doc and finding out that I have NO ear infection but achy pain and a spasming scalp muscle just behind my ear. So it's my jaw that's hurting, not my ear. I guess from reading on the good ole' internet that I can be elated that I'm not having popping and shooting pains and a jaw that won't shut or won't open. Even so, the ache is significant. It is less than fun but the Advil is helping and I am supposed to avoid chewing for a few days. The PA told me that if I'm having steak I should put it in the blender. Now I WASN'T planning to have steak, but the idea definitely turns it into a "no way."

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Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about your jaw Stacie. Doesn't sound fun.

But all that free knitting time is sounding marvellous.

One week from now, when I'm leave, I plan to be doing exactly the same!