Too ambitious? You be the judge

Today we find Stacie having improvised and fudged and now feeling generally, well, desperate.

I knitted with the most fetching yarns--Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky in a dark grayish purple alternated with Manos del Uruguay's Multibramble.

I knitted in the round, thinking it would be good to felt something like a tote.

I ran out of said yarns.

I hadn't gotten very far in length, but boy had I gotten width . . . it was, shall we say, . . . expansive. So I used the two needle bind off (woo-hoo! I can do it! anyone with a smidge of knitting experience and three needles approx the same size can do it!) and a nice coordinating yarn (I truly had run out of the other two--what was I thinking??).

Then I consulted a book I'm quite taken with at present, Fabulous Felted Hand-Knits. I got some nylon twine from DH and stitched a vertical baste one third of the way across and then two thirds of the way across this behemoth of a knitted "bag," so that I could felt it and hopefully create felted seams at these bastes. I don't know why that seemed better than using the yarn to seam with, and then having more wool in that spot for felting. I may still have to go this route.

Then I felted it in the washer in a zipper pillow case with my jeans. The two yarns felted differently (really, I meant that to happen!) and I got great stitch definition for the purple Debbie Bliss, while the Multibramble, true to form, melded together in a most pleasing melange of colors.

Next, I took quart size zipper bags and inserted them in each section, blowing them up and creating a bit of "puff" so the bags will have shape. This is where I stand at present. I have run my fingers inside the divisions along the "seams" I tried to create and found--yes, holes. So when it dries fully and I remove the twine, I think I will give it a second go with yarn and see if it felts "fully." (I meant to say that too. Love a good pun, don't you?)

OK, OK, photos. Here we go.

So what is my nefarious plan here? I have one! I am trying to create three pouches that can be cut apart and that I can then make handles for. Anyone with more knowledge, please feel free to stop me. As it is I won't get anywhere with it today, as work beckons me on a Sunday (I really have to go in to school all day for a fundraiser--good thing I find it enjoyable).

OT: If you're into puns, I have one more: my daughter has a CD by a band called "Piebald" (not the pun) and this one is titled, "If it weren't for venetian blinds, it'd be curtains for us all." Yuk yuk. No idea if the music is good or not.

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Bells said...

ok, first of all that pun is baaaad. But kinda cute.

Seconly, your ambition astounds me Stacie!! Can't wait to see the results of the bag. I have zero advice to offer except for one thing I learned from my only felting experience thus far - it doesn't hurt to have a just never know how it's going to turn out unless you try!