Ennnhhhhhh--Not what I was hoping for

[Big sigh.] Well, I have felted my monster knitting three times now, first with the twine, then with yarn, and then (after cutting the three pouches apart) with an edging seam in what I thought was feltable yarn.

Here they are in all their misshapen ugliness. Yes, I washed them the last time with other stuff (um, I KNOW not to do that) so now I get to trim off the white fuzzies along with the other excess fuzz.

I want to give up! But then I realize that I probably keep learning good information while I flail away. So here is my next plan. I'll remove the edging seam and redo it using truly feltable yarn, and then I'll wash them again. And I will stretch and shape them very carefully for evenness before drying them. BTW, I really have created a monster because the seams in some cases are my way of felting into integrity gaping holes that cutting them apart created along many spots on the edges.

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