Percy adorns my new skeins

Percy, one of my four cats, has carefully tested out the texture and softness of my new Pastaza yarn (Cascade). He seems to like it.

Here is the scarf I've been working on, almost done, and I love the pattern!

Next up--well, I don't know. Maybe I will do the poncho/baby blanket that I got from SWTC.


Goldendomer said...

Your scarf is coming along beautifully! You inpired me to try my own this weekend, but I failed big time. I think I was just using the wrong yarn/needle combination.

I absolutely love reading your blog, Stacie! You do such great work. said...

Thanks, Goldendomer. You make my head swell. :^)

Sorry your first attempt didn't work well--keep at it. I found the pattern got automatic about 15 rows in and I could stop keeping track with a counter.

Now I am trying something originally indicated for worsted on size 15, but with more like sport weight on size 7s, and I realized last night (the doomed night of the above entry) that I am going to need one hell of a lot more yarn if I am going to make this blanket the full size (31x31) so . . . now I get to decide whether to go back to the original sizes or break the bank. Sigh. So much for courage and creativity! :^)