Frog, frog, frog, dammit

Started a baby blanket (a first for me) last night, and cast on 126 stitches after getting my circular extensions all arranged (I use a set of Boye interchangeables). Then with dark yarn (variegated soysilk again, but it was the dark blue at first) I started to knit in a seed stitch--hah, no it was K1P1 rib really, and several rows in I see that I now have 129 stitches and am in the wrong pattern. Really, Stacie, how long should it take??

But being a big girl, I looked at it and said, "If I can see it, the recipient will be able to also. I don't want to give a gift that is made wrong!" So--rip it, rip it, rip it. It would have felt more therapeutic except that this yarn tends to stick to itself and needed more than a gentle tug at various points. But I guess untangling and rolling it was therapeutic. Plus, being a former born again, I have retained the ability to get a LOT of satisfaction from knowing I did the right thing. :^) What if God knitted? What would Jesus knit?

OK that is too pithy for even me. Have a great day knitting! ~Stacie

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