Winding and winding . . . and cat fur spun into yarn!

I have been swamped with work and sick with a nasty cold, but in the middle of a strange vacation week that I'm spending recuperating, I finally got out the toy I'd purchased in December, a ball winder. None of our tables or surfaces has the right edge for the clamp, so DH thought of putting it on a footstool we have, and then I realized that a tall stool was even better.

I followed the directions, I put my skein on the table swift, I started the whole thing going, and IT WORKED!

First I wound the two skeins of kitty yarn I received last week but was too crazy-busy to post, and they made two lovely "cakes."
(I've tried a few times to knit with the yarn, and the needle size/pattern choice are still not right. It's going to have to be a lacey pattern with big needles to accommodate the halo that this fur is making. I love it, though, and will persevere!)
Then I grabbed two of Yarn Lust's skeins that I've purchased recently, and wound them up. Boy does this make me want to knit with them.
 If I weren't sick as a dog, I'd probably have wound up every hank in my stash by now! At least I'm not missing school.

Finished: the second Tuscany scarf, requested by my DSM Leone, and to be wrapped and mailed tomorrow. Won't she be surprised?!

Almost finished: the capelet in Lorna's Laces.

Happy knitting, all!

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