Silk Stitches

Snuck on over to Stitches for a little while yesterday, no particular aim except to feast my eyes and say hi to Queen of Purple Yarn if I should find her at Purlescence's booth. Oh, and hopefully pick up my freebie at the Malabrigo booth (nope, they were already out--waaah!). Well, I went, I saw, and I conquered two skeins of yarn, one a pale sage silk/merino from Tess' Designs, and the other a burgundy quiviut/silk from Windy Valley Muskox.

I had missed her at the booth, but as I was leaving I heard QPY talking to a friend behind me, fortunately. When I turned to say hello, she was headed outside where she'd heard there was an alpaca! So as we headed out, I accompanied them, and we petted the sweet little beige and brown cutie.

I hear the Sweden hats were a mixed blessing: the little hat was just too small for Mr. 2-Year-Old, and the blue marled hat for Mr. 6-Year-Old was too big. The good news: Host Mom has a friend with a toddler younger than hers, so the Fair Isle can be passed on, and the blue hat fits . . . HER. I am happy that I inadvertently gave her a gift! So I'll knit some new ones soon. 8^(  but  8^).

I also continue on my capelette, the Better Than Ribbing Scarf #2 (above, but less purple and more merlot), and an alpaca scarf that will be a color block affair.

Getting lots of knitting done while we watch movies 8^). Today, it was Steve Carrell in Dan in Real Life. I think SC is a genius, and have always loved Juliette Binoche. This movie struck a chord as genuine given the representation of teenage girls, of which I've managed to raise, and never eat, three. I consider that quite an accomplishment!

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