Movies and Knitting = Relaxation

That's what I've been doing when I get home from school and make dinner--the DH and I most nights get a movie going and eat dinner, and then I knit on whatever strikes my fancy (so many UFOs to choose from!). These are my most recent pieces--

Finished: the wine and blue twin rib scarf (could turn into a gift for DD#3's new college roommate from Colorado); Le Perle alpaca (supposedly washable--hmmm).The crayon jumble scarf--Socks That Rock (Jabberwocky colorway)
The seed stitch wrap--Lambs Pride Super Wash Bulky (Japanese Plum)Several washcloths out of Wick and something else.

UFO THIS close to finished:
The Cocoon scarf in 2x2 ribbing. I'm crazy about Cocoon--great stitch definition and somehow a bit of shine. It does make my nose twitch and my eyes a little itchy though . . . but I bore up under the discomforts because it's so very pretty. I've basically just got two rows and the cast off left but, before that, a repair. I muffed a stitch quite a ways down that I'll need to go in and fix when I've got focus and good light. What I worked hard to hide is that I have a lot of finish work to do. ;^)

As for movies, some great, some OK, a few abandoned.

I like Helen Mirren a great deal, so we watched two nights of her Elizabeth I, and then I enjoyed Calendar Girls a second time. It's a little movie, but I like the character Mirren plays.

We've also seen Mrs. Henderson Presents (Dame Judi Dench is so good at everything!--Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont was good too).

A lovely little movie that could have gone way wrong was Lost in Austen, in which 2008 meets Jane Austen's world.

And I loved Priscilla Queen of the Desert (finally! a little late to the party!).

Abandoned: An American Crime. True story, too ghastly and twisted to put ourselves through.

Off to a memorial service for a colleague who died late in September after four years of up and down experiences with cancer. He, his wife and grown daughter, demonstrated a kind of grace about the last weeks that everyone who knows them is in awe of.

Keep knitting, all, and those of you heading into spring, enjoy your warmer weather. We get rain and cooler temps starting next week apparently.


Kathy in San Jose said...

Love the argyling in the Jabberwocky scarf! And I'd love to knit something in the Cocoon; I just can't justify buying some when I have so much to knit already. I'll get there though!

Lanas said...

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Mary Anne said...

What a nice way to relax after a hard day of work - a movie and some knitting. All your projects are beautiful and so creative with the colours!

Happy autumn!

Jejune said...

Calendar Girls is a great movie, isn't it? I love Helen Mirren too :)

And yes, Priscilla - a great Aussie classic!! have you seen Strictly Ballroom? Another good one, in a similar vein.