More Fair Isle fun

Yep, made the inverse of DH's fair isle hat, with cream and a blue accent. It was the same hat, and I think I could go for something more challenging now. DMIL says her friend regularly does fair isle with repeating patterns but no overall schema, to great effect.

But . . . for now I think I will rest on my laurels and keep the Quidditch sweater on the front burner, when I get time to knit or do knitting- related work.

Grades are due Tuesday (that means massive essay reading this weekend--oh, fun) and comments (for around 20 students) are due Wednesday. So I'll be hopping until later next week, when another set of essays will roll in to be graded over . . . spring break! [mantra: I love my job, I love my job, I wanted to be a teacher . . .]

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Kathy in San Jose said...

Y'know, if you don't assign stuff that needs to be graded, you don't have to grade... ;-)

Congrats on another beautiful fair isle hat!