Meme Time!

Tagged by Newton's Knitting, I bring you . . . the sixth folder's sixth picture. Here goes!

Awwww. That was a lovely day indeed. We were at Michel-Schlumberger winery for a special tasting event with our friends Greg and Connie, and I went to clear my head by walking up into one of the vineyards. It was fall (no, really?) and everything was just beautiful.

That was also the day that DH said, in agreeing to go halfsies on a case of special release wine with our friends, "This is an indicator that I intend to live to drink this wine!" (DH is, BTW, doing well in remission and goes for scans next month. So far he seems to be feeling in the pink and has just a bit of residual pain from the chemo caused neuropathy. 8^)

In turn, I tag Mel, Cosymakes, Jejune, and Kathy. Happy photo file hunting!


Susan said...

I'm so glad he's doing well, such a relief.

jenfromRI said...

Great picture!