More, Better

I'm making progress on Blankie, and I find that as it takes shape, I don't dislike it anymore. It's not love I'm feeling, but I see its charms now. And I know more that I can bring to the next throw I knit. Another kitty moment, as you can see, since a blanket has been laid on the floor--what else would it be there for, Cleo asks, but to stand on and start a leisurely bath?

I'm still startitis-ing, and now it's the Easy Drop Stitch Scarf pattern. I liked the word "easy" in the title, but I admit up front that it will be a challenging "easy" because it's an 8-row pattern. I am thinking up ways to make sure I know what row I'm on. A row counter, you suggest? Excellent idea, but it hasn't worked for me. I'm thinking rows of numerals 1-8 on a sheet of paper, crossed off each time I finish one. Rudimentary but hopefully effective. And what yarn shall I use for this? The creator of the pattern recommends something variegated. Time to go peruse the stash.

Happy knitting, all!


Kathy in San Jose said...

It'll be even easier than you think to figure out the 8-row pattern. Essentially, there are only 2 pattern rows. All other rows are knit. The only difference between the 2 pattern rows is how many stitches to knit before you start the pattern repeat - knit 1 or knit 6, and those alternate.

I'll bet you a coffee break that you figure it out within 5 repeats! (Good excuse to get together anyway!)

Mary Anne said...

Your blanket is looking good and I love how Cleo takes advantage of it! Good luck with the row counting on your scarf - it is a beautiful design.

iSew said...

Aren't kitties funny? I try to avoid laying anything on the floor to avoid this exact problem. My Maple would run from another room to plop her huge self onto a blankie like that. Especially if there happened to be a box of buttons or something included. ha!