Wow! Nothing like a contest to stir up the blog scene!

Thanks for coming to check out my ramblings, ya'll. I haven't knitted a stitch this week with so much going on at work (school). But I have been checking in and reading some fun comments.

I love that I'm not the only one who's knitted a Waldorf pixie, and to the commenter that you should start Blog Post #1, Yes! You should! Blogging about knitting is a way to blog about your whole life, with structure. Lastly, your comments are so kind. it is so amazing to hear that people like my hat knitting--to me it still looks pretty darned amateurish.

But I'll admit I'm seeing progress. DS picked up the little hat I made a few months ago, the Beribboned bonnet, and asked, "Did you knit this? Wow, your stitches are getting so uniform." I took that as a compliment. My sister doesn't insult me. 8^) She doesn't dare.

Wish I could add pix here but there is nothing to show you. But now we are done with post #199.*

Woo-hoo! Stay tuned!

*Scroll down to the next entry to see the contest info, if you don't know what this means.


Amanda said...

I love that your sister supports you and your knitting! That's so awesome that you have someone in your life that "gets it."

Congrats on making it to 199!

molly said...

Hey mom, your "california time" thing doesn't work. It tells me the time here in MA, not in CA. Love you!