Meet Ingrid the Doll

I have been knitting my hands in knots, but I've not gotten anything posted. Here goes!

First, let me introduce you to Ingrid, a "dwarf" from the Waldorf knitted toys collection. The instruction booklet is not available anymore, as far as I can tell, but similar ones are online. Ingrid was fun to make and addicting to accessorize. Here is her knapsack (with a note inside it for introductions when she is received).

I'm especially proud of her hair, which I did in Fur Real Silver Fox. She is a gift for my 3-year-old niece, Leonie, may she love her well. It was actually hard to put her in the box for mailing (Express Mail, yes, I'm right up to the wire, ain't I?) as my inner child wants to keep her and hug her.

But it was also a great experience to embark on because I found that this doll pattern wasn't that hard. I could have done a better job on things, but I still think it came out well. 8^) Here are a few more pics.

Ingrid's ID tag in case she is lost 8^(
and another shot of her in her adorableness:

Can't really say why "Ingrid," but as I was putting the finishing touches on her last night, while crafting with DD#1 (bliss!), I was thinking "Hester," but DD#1 protested that it sounded like Hester Prynne of Scarlet Letter infamy. Not that I think that's a reason to dislike the name, as I love Hester as the protagonist of that novel. But then DD suggested "Ingrid," after I asked her for something Scandinavian sounding, since I think of dwarfs, trolls, and the like as being from that neck of the woods, and she came up with Ingrid.

That ain't the half of it, though. I knitted up a cap for my bro-in-law from lovely Malabrigo that never got photographed, since I made it in a few hours, popped it into the mailing carton, and sent it northward. Maybe DS will take a photo of him in it when he opens it.

I've also done a bunch of other small things this month, but I'll have to catch up later. Friends coming to visit. It's the holidays! Hope you are all enjoying yours, whatever you celebrate.


freshisle said...

She's perfectly adorable! I'm sure she'll be well loved.
Happy Holidays!

Mary Anne said...

Ingrid is sooooo cute, I can see why you would want to keep her.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!