Stash Angels in Michigan

Live and learn . . . it's going to have to be my mantra for knitting. I was so close to finished with Singing Daughter's Quidditch sweater and then--wow, that's not much yarn left in the knitting bag--uh-oh, guess I'd better scramble.

Ravelry saved my bacon because I found nothing on eBay. First, the aptly named Hope in Michigan came through with a skein of the lovely shade of blue, called cerulean. Then I located two skeins of the chestnut with the right dyelot in the stash of Tina in . . . Michigan! Tina was willing to sell them to me as well. (Wow, I love that state! Even visited it a few times as a child.)

Both Hope and Tina were more than kind and happily mailed them (in Hope's case, before my check even arrived--nice to be trusted) priority shipping so I could get back to the project ASAP.

Tina's recent blogpost on why she always over-purchases for a project really hit home, in addition to the natural-consequences-type learning that resulted from my running out of yarn because I didn't do that.

Meantime, I knitted on several ongoing projects, including Super Secret Project #2,

[sorry, no photos of this super secret project!]

and a scarf I am making for World Saving Daughter's fiance, Paco. This is Bazic wool in two tones, and I just love the way they look together. Pattern is mistaken rib, one of my favorites!

I have also worked on one of my easy drop stitch scarves a bit.

This is probably the only shot I'll put up of Super Secret Project #3, which Kathy kindly helped me drum up the confidence for, as well as getting started with a simple pattern and the Magic Loop method. Nothing like a guide on the new path.

I will admit that I did all this knitting and yarn searching when I should have been grading papers. Sigh . . .

That is, when I wasn't taking photos of the hummingbirds that are now regular visitors to our feeder. That is an addictive pastime--just one more--this will be the shot of the century--etc.

Structured procrastination is supposed to be an admirable trait, one that is usually under appreciated. Time to stop with that technique, though, so I can hold my head up high.

Happy Knitting, all!

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Mary Anne said...

Yay for you with finding the yarns you needed to complete the project. I like the colours of your mistake rib scarf too.

If you need someone to procrastinate while you work, I'm available ^.^