A Knitting Mother's Defining Moment

So World-Saving Daughter and Singing Daughter returned to college today for their fall semesters. This is sad and at the same time OK. Both were excited to get back to their worlds and friends, and to start new and exciting classes. WS Daughter is majoring in Latin American Studies, emphasis Mexico, and Singing Daughter is majoring in child development. She wants to teach primary school age kids (so far that's her thought).

But I digress, as usual. When I gave Singing Daughter her unfinished sweater for her birthday, she expressed pleasure and excitement at the prospect of receiving it soon. But I did not know how much she TRULY likes it until she said last week, after reading my blog here, "You really won't have it done until October?" with some genuine sadness. Of course, she understands that a polygamous knitter such as myself cannot be satisfied with just one project. She knows that microfiber fleecy baby blankets are a temptation hard to fight off. She knows it's been blazing hot here, and the house (even with A/C) has felt uncomfortable for knitting wool. And I know she truly forgives me. But it gave me a huge boost to know that she had been hoping to have a chance to wear it sooner if Boston's weather cooperated. It does motivate me to work on it as soon as humanly possible, and finish it forthwith, so that I won't disappoint her too much. 8^)

Now that's a knitter's defining moment.

Did I mention it's been hotter than hell here? For four days now, and no A/C in the classrooms at school. People get sluggish when overheated. The kids get stuporous. Everyone is a tad more cranky than you expect them to be. And it's hard to care about lit'rature and such. But it will come to an end, and here in the States we have a 3-day weekend to recupe and catch our breaths for next week. There are two wonderful things about 3-day weekends. First is the weekend that lasts an extra day. Second is the work-week that now has shrunk down to four days, followed by another weekend! Woo-hoo!

Pictures later, perhaps. Happy knitting, all.


molly said...

Preschool! Not primary school! :)

Mary Anne said...

How lovely that your daughter is looking forward to receiving her hand knit sweater!

I hope the weather cools off soon for everyone.

ikkinlala said...

I hope things cool down for you - we're getting fall weather here already.