Not My Knitting . . . Far More Proficient!

My MIL is here keeping us company while the DH is getting his chemo underway and I'm finishing up the demands of the end of the school year. At DH's request, she is knitting him a blanket. These are pics of the center graphic, from which she will knit the outer portion as a "regular" blanket. Not that Ruthie does anything "regularly" when it comes to patterns for sewing or knitting, or recipes.

Here she is, depicted knitting the blanket 8^).

Here are the three charming daughters, DD#1 with maroon curly hair, DD#2 with a hoodie on (as usual), and DD#3 with lighter straight hair. Next to DD#2 is "her" cat, Cleo, the one that thinks she's DD#2's sleeping partner. And is sad when she goes back to college.

This is curly headed DH in his jeans and typical red shirt. "His" cat, Kermit, is next to him and sports silvery-threaded whiskers.

And here c'est moi, with lighter hair by far than I really have. I seem to be surrounded by the two gray kitties which do actually keep me company nearly all the time I'm home.

Am I knitting? Yes, having frogged Leonie's sweater yet again, I am now underway with the back section and have high hopes. But for now, grading exams and research papers is the order of the day, so I am only knitting when I can justify a movie or time spent "frittered" away at something besides the work I have to do. 8^)


Anonymous said...

MIL's knitting looks great.

I hope that DH is doing well through treatment.


KSee said...

What a wonderful knitting memento.

Amanda said...

This is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Your husband and your family are in my prayers!

jenfromRI said...

Love that blanket. I'm sure it ill become a treasured heirloom.

Alex said...

Stacie! All the best from down the coast! Sending love right on up 101, and I can hardly wait to visit again! And that blanket is really cool - Neon-Blue Molly is a very interesting concept. Like one of those genetically-engineered Day-Glo goldfish. But seriously, it's great! Tell Keith I send my best.

By the way I left off "the" from 101 as a nod to you Bay Area people that don't add definite articles to your highway names. :)