One Week at a Time

That's my new approach to life. So this week, I want to show you what I have been knitting on when I have time:

It's a sweater for 'Onie, my priceless niece who is two-and-a-half. That is as momentous an age as any whole number age, as know all of you who have lived with a toddler that age. You might wonder, and rightly so, what sweater this is going to be. Well . . . I am improvising one. Bravely forging ahead where no sensible knitter would go. ;^)
The yarns are Kollage Cornucopia (corn fiber, soooo soft, rivals bamboo and soy) and Crystal Palace Bamboozle in "Carnival."

I got some square knitting needles on a lark and started a wintry scarf from the Seattle Storm I got in the winter. But it's finally turned warm here in Paradise, so I may set that aside till fall comes.I have not noticed one whit of difference from knitting "in the square" but perhaps that is not a long enough knitting session to determine if it keeps me from getting sore shoulders, etc.

I have several WIPs from last summer that I need to sit with and get motivated to finish--the mulberry silk Diotima shell, and the second go-round of my Katrina shell. Both will look lovely when done--that should help motivate me!!

Both of my 200 blogs contest winners have been sent their Official Prize Packages now and hopefully are enjoying them (or will be quite soon). Kathy in FL and I apparently both have overactive spam filters so we were playing hide and seek for a while there ;^) but it's all sorted out now. Ikkinlala and Kathy, I enjoin you to start your own knitting blogs!

Cancer update: For now, DH is in a medical holding pattern. Strange that the diagnosis is followed by weeks of waiting, but his trip ends on May 1, and he will finish up the tests still to be done. Then his case will be reviewed May 9th by the Stanford Tumor Board (bringing to bear the finest minds? I think so!), and then his chemo begins.

I have gone through all sorts of emotions since 4/14, and yet because this is a pause in the whole experience, I find myself coping OK. I'm getting through each day by doing what needs doing and taking comfort in the respite that provides from thinking about NHL. When DH returns, it will become immediate again, so I have plenty to do now to keep from drowning in work when that takes up all my waking thoughts and time. Friends and family stay in touch, and that helps provide me with a sense that we are not alone. Lastly, the DDs are all going to be under one roof starting Mother's Day, as well as my DMIL, whose presence is strongly desired by her son. And we all know that a mom is a kind of comfort unlike any other.

Cheers, and happy knitting


Cindy/Snid said...

I am very curious to find what you think of the square needles. Are they even comfortable to hold? Somehow the concept boggles my mind (I can have a simple mind some days...)

Keep knitting through it all, it will help to have something else to think about. Stock up on comedy DVD's too. Dark chocolate also advised, but avoid the alcohol ;)

Susan said...

Love the colors on that sweater, perfect for a little girl. I'm curious, too, about those square needles. More info please!

Anonymous said...

Stacie, I'm Kathy in FL. I got my prize and was WOWED. I've never spun and I've never felted so I'm in for an adventure! The baby hat is absolutely adorable and I have greatgrand #2 coming in Oct. so may get some use out of it:) (Otherwise it goes on a doll or teddybear).

How is it knitting with square needles? I never woulda thought...

Keep on knitting and blogging. We'll keep you in our prayers.

freshisle said...

I've never heard of square needles. Very different!
One week at a time is a good philosophy. Sending good thoughts your way.