Takes a Licking but Keeps on Ticking!

Wow, so little time to knit. But I am feeling much much better after that nasty bout of the flu. Sometimes it takes a lousy case of something to realize that it's good to feel good. 8^)

I knitted two tiny hats for a soon to be hatchling, one even smaller than this! But the two will probably keep little skater dude in cool chapeaux until he's too old and it's too warm for hats.

I have been trying to finish the scarf I started for my friend Aleia (supposed to be a Christmas gift!) and here it is, February! But, it's getting there.

A few new stash acquisitions and some strong recommendations: 2 skeins of from Kristine of A Verb for Keeping Warm in Oakland, California. Silk/merino blend in a washed-out red/pink color called "gulabi" and another skein, this of 80% yak and 20% merino in a nice brown called "truffle." What to do with them, I guess, will become clearer when I get to them, but I am actually thinking, shock of shocks, of making a scarf or a hat with each.

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Jejune said...

I'm so glad you're on the mend, those viruses are nasty!

Cute little bubby hat!

Oooh, silk/merino in yummy colours... they are beautiful skeins :)