"I did it!" she said, modestly

No real photos but you can trust me. I did two things recently that I thought were too hard.

On Mom's purse, I used Kitchener stitch! It was just to join the strap to the live stitches on the other side, but I followed the instructions, slowly, and then tightened up the whole thing--AND IT WORKED! Things that seem beyond me gradually become possible.

And last month, when I saw that I had accidentally made a mistake in some knitting, I was able to get to the error, fix it with a thin sharp knitting needle (worked better than a crochet hook for some reason), and it didn't look any different from the rest of the work! I think I already blogged about that but I am just so darned proud of myself!

I wish I were better at keeping my calendar straight. 8^( I was excited to find out that Stitches West is happening during my week off in February, and quickly signed up to take an intro crochet class and a needle felting session. Paid online, the whole enchilada. Then returned to school to realize (slowly . . . I am slow at these things) that the vacation days are the week before that. DRAT! So now . . . I guess I have to either ask for a personal day that Friday of Stitches and rearrange the Thursday class to something else on Friday, or move both to sessions available on Sat/Sun (harder, less available). Big sigh. However, I don't despair. I know I will get to Stitches and will have a ball (a skein? ten skeins? uh-oh!).

Back to knitting now--finishing a scarf in Lush for my friend and masseuse (it is good to have a masseuse friend!!!) as a late Christmas gift. She and I got most of our daughters together over the holidays, as they had not met, and they all hit it off. They have so much in common in their interests, and I hope the other daughters can get folded in and they will all become friends.

Pictures at 11. ;^)

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LizzieK8 said...

Isn't it nice? That feeling of accomplishment! I finally knitting socks with a pattern in them. I'll ride on that cloud for a long time!