We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Blog for a Root Canal

Good thing I had something to smile about on Monday (yesterday) because today was the first ever root canal, something I would love to avoid in future, but would be willing to undergo instead of the horrible pain and suffering I was experiencing until the blessed Novocaine took effect at the dentist's this a.m. And that was WITH pain meds.

The Brief, Unpleasant, but Essentially Happy Tale of Stacie’s Root Canal*

9:25 this morning--Stacie, no longer on (god’s gift to humankind) Vicodin because she has to drive, is now truly suffering with her toothache, even with 2 Tylenol and 3 Advil.

9:30 this morning—This is Stacie, having been given three mondo shots of Novocaine, and no longer in fear of the drill.

The dentist was a rock star—no chair-side manner, but faster than a mechanic changing a tire. I would venture to guess he’s done . . . oh, maybe a million root canals.

One of my nostrils went numb--that was weird!

Noon—See Stacie. See Stacie suffering. Novocaine now wearing off quickly, Vicodin front-loaded but not doing the job yet. What happened to my magical injected elixir???

But wait, the story gets better . . .

1 p.m.—Stacie with more Vicodin floating through her veins--

The hell with reading. I’m checking outta here!

Hope you are less dentally compromised than I am at present!!


*No, these photos are not of me, but rather my stunt doubles. (Buddha works overtime!!)


Jejune said...

OUCHIE! I hope you're feeling much better soon (and that the Vicodin just keeps on working!).

jenfromRI said...

Yikes. I feel your pain - I had a root canal a couple of years ago and had my wisdom teeth out a couple of months ago. Take lots of medically-induced naps!

Bells said...


I hear Americans talk about vicodin a lot and think it sounds marvellous!

I had all four wisdom teeth out once so i can sympathise.