I've been blocking!

Best part of finishing a project? Blocking it out and seeing its nicest shape come forward.

I finished a smallish scarf,

the cabled hat,

and a little double-thick Dulaan style hat, and while I didn't block the fuzzy hat, (it's drying around a small round bowl with very high sides)

everything is almost dry now and looks great!

I have gathered all the gifties for Jejune's prize package, and now I need to get it to the PO so it can start its journey southward. Look for it before Christmas, Jejune! jk It was so much fun getting that "amassment" together.

Now, for the sweater pattern. That's my task for this afternoon, and I hope to declare a winner tonight or tomorrow on that score.

We got weather we NEVER see in September--rain, rain and more rain! Yesterday was like a day in November or December for us. But I have to admit that I really liked it. The smell of the wet ground and pavement, the cooler air, the dark gray clouds lying above us waiting to drop their loads, and the splashing sound of cars driving through the wetness. Just because it was a change, it was great. Today threatens to return to the summerish weather we typically have until mid to late October, so I guess all my optimistic closet reshuffling yesterday (winter in, summer out) might have been a LITTLE premature. But I know where to find the cool stuff as long as I still need it. Meantime, I'm noticing thick sweaters and coveting them (not all of them have to be hand-knitted by moi!) and short sleeved turtleneck sweaters (no other season for them in NorCal but now!). I haven't mentioned that I am very acquisitional not just at the LYS, right? I have been an avid clothes shopper since I became a young adult with an income. So I worked hard yesterday to keep these industries in business. ;^)

Off to the library with DD3 who is doing research for something school related.

Happy knitting, all!


Sue H said...

Love the cable hat, and the other one with the pom pom is very cute too.

Ah, rain. If you are getting so much, can you send some of it our way please, as we so, so, sooooo need it here.

Bells said...

oh you have been blocking - like a mad woman! Good work.:-)

Jejune said...

Oooh I'm excited!

Love the blocked projects, they're looking great!

Jejune said...

HOLY COW Stacie! Your package arrived today - will post pics on my blog soon for all to see - now I know where that small scarf was destined to end up!! THANK YOU!!