Ravelry Update--Just Might Get an Invite Someday!

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Everything I've explored on ravelry convinces me this is SO COOL, and I can hardly wait. It will probably take a ton of time to get up and running, and the inventory of my stash could be a bit revealing. But I love the many options and the idea that the first thing I'll see on my site there is all my UFOs. Motivation!

At the backtoschool party last evening, I got to talk knitting with my friend Kathy who is far beyond me in skill and experience, and who knits a damn fine clapotis. She showed me her latest, whereupon I wondered, "Now why do I never knit myself a shawl I can wear on the chilly evenings we get in NoCal?" I smell a new project.

When I get a minute this weekend, I'll take photos of my newest stash acquisitions--some purty stuff. I also forgot to update on that super secret project I was working on, which has been given as a birthday giftie now, to DD2, a scarf in her new school's colors blue and brown (how cool is that? a college with those colors? not something hideous like orange and black?). I discovered doing that project that there's something I need to learn, but it didn't hinder me from finishing the scarf whilst I was underway--and when I do figure it out (how to switch colors without the odd jog and messy stitching), I'll make her another, better one!

Enough of this flipping insomnia. Time to try to sleep for a few more hours.

Happy knitting, wherever you are in the world!

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