Knitting Neurotically, Felting Fanatically

Yep, I've been knitting purses and things, felting them, finishing up those pink booties (they need some adornments now--but what?), and otherwise indulging in my obsession.

That's because school meetings start up 8/20 and that means . . . the end of the summer. As I typed that, I sighed this h-u-g-e sigh.

I love my job, (or should I say "jobS" since I also have dept. chair duties?), and I always look forward to getting another year going, meeting my new students. I like my colleagues and the daily interactions--we have a great campus, and a great middle school community. I've even been getting a little "wiggy" this summer, as my sister would say, being home so much and getting hermit-ty.

But ah, the free time. The long stretches of unscheduled time. The perpetual feeling of Saturday mornings, and never a Sunday-Syndrome day. (Do you get this too? During the school year, by midday Sunday, I start feeling a little sad about how it's all coming to an end, how I didn't finish x, y, and z that I had hoped to, etc.) And I love not wearing a watch.

Ah well. Enough belly-aching, as my dad would say.

It's taking up valuable knitting time!! Before I go though . . .

Here are some pics--a purse (the Sophie Bag I recently mentioned),

the freeform "bag" that told me it wanted to be a tea cozy when it grows up (so I felted it too, and now I can make it a tea cozy),

And the most recent WIP:
another Sophie Bag in a similar scheme with a few improvements (mine, not the pattern's!)--I learned some things after the first go-round

Here are the mostly-done baby booties (slippers, really, for my 21-month old niece).

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Jejune said...

Aaah, the end of holidays is always a sad time, no matter how much you enjoy your job.

The bags look great - good work!