Someone Picked up the Torch of Destashifying

So a few weeks ago, "destash" closed their virtual doors, but at the time, I was blithely oblivious, helping with preparations for my friend Monica's wedding.

But when I found out about it a few days ago, I was so disappointed because I have got to find homes for some of my stash this summer (see post below about getting my life organized!) or I may find myself woven into my study someday, or tied to a chair with a rough rope of felting wool. I'm breaking out in a blistery rash just thinking about it.

But . . . someone filled the breach and started a new site, called "Destash for Cash," which is set up basically like the previous one, and you can use flickr for photos of your items for sale/trade. You sign up for a wordpress account and ask to be added, and then you wait to hear back and are then able to list your items. That all happened for me within far less than 24 hours.

Until Ravelry gets up and fully functional, with its destash sell/trade options, I think this blogspot blog will work for me! If you haven't heard of Ravelry, do check it out--it's in beta form right now, so I have only seen the preview pages, but I think it could become a great knitters' community.

Here's the quick project that I made for Adele, a ribby scarf with fringe, and it is ridiculous to contemplate in July (yesterday's temps were above 90 degrees, easy). But I wanted to show you before I gift it to her. She'll probably need it by the end of August in Hamburg. What a cold clime!!

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