I received a kind thank-you letter from Kathy and Kathryn at the Interim House (to acknowledge receipt of my yarn contribution--I had found a bunch of great yarn from someone's stash at Goodwill, skeins of alpaca, mohair, and wool, not moth-eaten, and with "vintage" labels--what a find!) and I also have checked the latest on their website. This yarn is going to a great cause, people! and the knitting gospel is being spread far and wide, among all kinds of people with all sorts of occupations, interests, and hobbies. I think I'd better stop before I start the "come-to-Jesus" speech. :^}

I also was contacted by our winner, Lis, whose email had gone to my spam folder. Talk about overkill! I had 500 spam emails, of which one was a REAL letter, and it had to be Lis's. Geez. Murphy never rests. Anyway, Lis turns out to be a fairly recent convert to knitting, which is so exciting. I'm mailing off the prizes on Monday, and they will make it virtually impossible for Lis to say, "Honey, I need to head to Joann's for a darning needle" or etc. because she will have ALL the accoutrements. Sorry Lis, you can probably think up another excuse--"Honey, I'm headed over to Joann's because I need yarn." It will take him a few months to realize that this is hilariously out of whack with the reality of your stash. However, speaking of stash, Lis will have a bit more now, because part of her prize package includes some skeins of PeaceFleece, a few interesting navy skeins flecked with primary colors, and some things I have in green, her favorite color.

I'd like to have posted my latest work on the baby blanket (it's almost ready to sew to the backing and finish up) and a hat I'm making for my friend George in SWS "natural earth" but the camera is NOT OPERATIONAL due to DD2 not having put the batteries in the charger. Ahem! But I have to forgive DD2 because in a few hours, I am going to see her perform in the Battle of the Bands, with her band Pizookies, and she's singing "I Want You Back." How could I be annoyed with someone so cool that she recognizes a Jackson Five song as perfect for her band???

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