Knit for Kids with Cancer--and Donate a Skein too!

Would you like to knit a hat or two for kids dealing with cancer? Here's a site that provides the info about the cause and where to send them. But plan to dig out your fun fur in the stash and use it all up, since these kids love silly, fuzzy chemo caps. Come on, a hat takes less than an evening, and you will feel so great!

BTW, have you cleaned up your stash so you can send a few skeins to Interim House in Philadelphia? The women there find knitting a positive experience and a great part of their recovery from addictions. And we just love knitting because it's soothing in an average-busy sort of life. So rummage through your stuff, pee-pul, and send a little care package to them. And then email me about what you sent them, so I can promote your generosity here on my blog. ;^)


Lu said...

I have sent packages to the Interim House before - I guess it is time to send another one! said...

thanks, Lu! I know that being able to knit keeps me out of all kinds of trouble, and provides me with a chance to make useful and beautiful items. What more reason to take up the needles?