Help! Felted mistake!

Voila! I made an alpaca hat that was a little too big for DH, so I tried gently washing and carefully drying it. Nada. So then I decided to felt it and stretch it back into shape. Bad idea. All the stretchin' in the world won't make this more than an outsized yarmulke. And he is not into that. So I need help! Can I knit a ribbed brim and then attach it? But how?


Bells said...

Stacie I have NO idea. But I'm gonna send a link to a friend who might have ideas. Stay tuned!

Julie said...

Ideally you would have used cotton or something for the cast-on and then take it out after felting and pick up stitches. Since that's not gonna work this time around, your best friend may be a small knife or an ice pick. Poke holes, pick up stitches.

Or felt it again, turn it over, and use it on your desk to hold paperclips.

Good luck.