Hey Y'all! A different kind of charity knitting donation

Here's a great idea if you have any extra stash (hahahahahaha) or duplicates of needles or crochet hooks. A group in Philadelphia needs donations for women in rehab at a place called the Interim House. Seeing as knitting has proven incredibly relaxing for me, and productive, and creative, and dare I even imagine it, artistic, I can hope that these people will find some similar bennies from the craft. If you'd like to donate too, check out this website. There's a related contest and a Prize Winner, but honestly, it's not that for me, it's a chance to spread the knitting gospel, hallelujah, amen.

Here's a link to the blog showing the women's finished objects so far.

And yes, since you ask, I got together two skeins of a few things: some self-striping sock yarn, some Moda Dea Cache that's a bit too glam for me, but great in general, some Lion Brand microspun, and a skein of bobbly funky novelty yarn that would make a great kid's scarf or hat. Note that this generous thinning of my stash will NOT correspond to more trips to the LYS for replenishment. I can finally close the drawers of my organizer! And I have a warm, fuzzy feeling inside (not caused by yarn!) that someone can benefit from my stashpile.

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Goldendomer said...

What a great idea, Stacie. Thanks for posting this. I've been working hard all summer to only use up the stash, but there's still a lot more yarn that I'll never even touch.

I don't really know how I collected it all.. I only started knitting in February! This is a great way to share the love of knitting with people, without it costing a fortune to do so.