Thankful for time to knit!

Among other things, I am so enjoying my weekend off, knitting up a storm. Here are the latest, and I am on hiatus from that other project since its recipient is at home until late tonight. Then, watch me go! I'll finish that baby in a day!

OK: Two little purses for my friends in Germany, Luisa and Adele. Guess which is for which??? I am putting small prizes and stickers in them too. Do I know little kids or what? BTW, I embroidered the name somewhat messily to make it look more authentic ;^). If I put half as much time into embroidery as I do into knitting, I guess it would look pretty competent. Note the I-cord handle??? My first successful foray into I-cord, and I am fine with it now.

Then a scarf out of the softest Rowan Baby Soft with a border crocheted in Bouton D'or (camel and wool). It is another gift, but I ain't sayin' any more about it.

Not pictured: I made a hat that has turned out well (at least not sized for a giant) but which was originally intended for DH when he goes camping and snow shoeing in the Sierras. Let's say it's sufficiently smaller that it won't fit a giant, and not sufficiently big that it will fit an adult. But oh well, it will fit one of several young nephews I have in mind!

The last here is another giftie whose recipient I haven't decided. It's Malabrigo (one skein!) in a color they call Molly (which is DD#2's name) and I am making it using a stitch I just love. Knit a row, then K1 P1 across, ending on a K1. Knit another row, etc. And I think both sides are quite attractive, which is always nice for a scarf. I've not used the Malabrigo before but am in love with it. How can it be only wool and still be so soft and not itchy?

Off to shower (finally--it's 2 p.m.--ah, vacation!) and take a kid to a rehearsal. Then to feed the friend's feline, and then home again for more . . . knitting!


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