Knitting Knirvana and great yarn shop news

I have had a bit more time this week to seek out Knitting Knirvana, and have finished one whole panel and started the second. (Thank god for CSI Miami and Crossing Jordan reruns on cable!)

I used mistaken rib for the first of the colors, and now I'm doing a great stitch I hadn't noticed before in my stitchionary, called "sand stitch," that reminds me of popcorn or bobble-like patterns that are much harder (and which therefore I haven't tried to tackle). Here's what I have so far in both panels:

And I heard in passing yesterday that my former favorite knitting shop of the 90s, Carolea's Knitche, which had switched out to a quilter's store, has been bought and returned to its knitting focus. I loved Carolea's Knitsche and learned to use the continental style there. Not into quilting. So hallelujah! I'm headed there today!! I hear it has a new name like PurlEssence or something. Anyway, wish me a restrained buying impulse. ;^)

I got the flyer for Stitches West in the mail yesterday. It's not until February but I thought, wow, I should ask for this for Christmas--this being knitting classes you can sign up for over four days on a huge array of topics. I want to take classes in finish work, different cast ons (I only know the kiddie way and the long-tail cast on, which are great, but I want more in my repertoire, such as provisional and cable cast on), fixing mistakes, and the other nutsy boltsy things. And then I want to go shopping in the marketplace!!! No quiviuk for me this year though. :^/

Hoping to finish this second panel this week, and start the third, so that I can give this to Rachie when she's home for Turkey Day. Fall has finally really arriven in Northern Cali, and it's gray and chilly outside. Good weather to find a comfy chair, fire up the good lamp, and work on a knitting project. Happy knitting everyone.

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