The Blanket

[photo later--technical difficulties]

Here's a photo of autumn in Shangri-La, aka the SF Bay Area. I love living in this place with perfect weather, and the colors of fall are my favorite of the whole year.

On to knitting news: I haven't done anything on the blanket since the weekend really because I am up to my eyeballs in alligators. Grades are due tomorrow a.m. and student comments (what they're doing well, what they are struggling on) are due Friday. So I am a woman with a mission, and unfortunately it ain't a knitting mission. But I am thrilled with the look, the drape, and the cushy-ness of the blanket so far. DH helped me create a good pattern for a 12 "square" blanket, with as much variety and balance as possible. I'm onto the third of four blocks for this strip, and it's straight garter stitch so it will go fast.

I'll have to post it later today because the camera needs fresh batteries. :^(

Happy knitting, those of you who are lucky enough to have some time today.

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Bells said...

oh, waiting with baited breath for the photo Stacie. Really want to see how this looks!