On the needles

Just so you know I am not neglecting my knitting (well, OK, I am mostly neglecting it right now--drowning at work!) I wanted to describe what's on the needles now.

First, I'm almost done with a hat made from Rumors and it's a looker! I just love the yarn.

Also working on a striped stocking cap for Max, which I started once and frogged completely. It will be just the ticket when it's done but I hate Microspun! It should be called Microsplit. AAAggghh. I have to use sharp needles to keep from splitting it, but also have to watch incredibly carefully when I am knitting to be sure the needle goes in at the right spot, so it's slow going.

Yeah, I still have that cable scarf on the needles. Haven't touched it. I should either frog it or finish it. It's not that big a deal. But when it comes to time to knit, I just don't want to work on that. :^(

Future projects: I have the sock knitting DVD that one of you recommended to me, the one on two circulars, and I hope to watch it over Thanksgiving vacay, so that I can try my hand at socks. Like a guru knitter, I own sock yarn already but haven't learned enough to put it to use. I also want to knit a throw for my college age DD1 for Christmas. And I have two balls of sweet, soft white cashmere that is begging to be made into baby booties or ???

For anyone who stuck with me to the end of this post, here is a photo of the ghastly tote I made a month or so ago.
I hate the colors. The size was great and that was good information. But I will choose colors with much more care from now on. It is destined to be a kitty bed. And that handle! Not a good idea, braiding the yarn and then felting. Sigh. Live and learn.


Karen said...

Everything looks fabulous :-)

Let me know how the DVD is, I'm dying to learn how to knit socks, needles and yarn ready to go.

Bells said...

i like the colours on the tote! I mean, not my preferred combination by any means but I think they really work. It's gorgeous!

And that hat is cute! Well done!