Scarves--finished, fringed, and felted

Percy always so happily models for me. I think he feels that this newly felted scarf hides a thousand sins. (He weighs 23 lbs. at last count and seems to mysteriously locate and consume food we aren't feeding him.) This was a seed stitch scarf I made last winter, using LambsPride and carrying a strand of Rowan Kid Silk mohair. I set myself too great a challenge because it showed all the stitch flubs. So I decided to continue my experiments with felting. It needs a bit of a trim, no? but I think it will make a nice accent to a sweater or blouse this winter.

Then I finished the Cascade Pastaza scarf last night and decided to take one of the DDs up on her suggestion that "it really needs fringe." If you know me, you know that I have a thing against fringe, though I recently made that horizontal scarf with edges because that was part of the pattern--leave a long tail for the cast on and then leave one at the end of that row; switch to a new yarn. Anyway, it was not hard (why do I think everything is going to be hard???) and turned out nicely [whistles "Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat," five months ahead!]

In other news, I have not forgotten my obsession with the fruit salad bag. I just need wheels and a willing driver. Maybe I can talk DD1 or DD2 into going to the knitting store because they do like knitting, and maybe they'd be interested in starting another project. I don't know. DD2 is just working on a Harry Potter scarf (color blocks in Gryffindor colors, a great first real project, now that she's got it down). She only has eyes for Harry (or should I say Cedric? eeew, he's dead!). DD1 is more interested probably but will get to work tomorrow a.m. at 4:30 to open (she works at Peet's a coffee place like . . . dare I utter the word in the same sentence with her name? . . . Starbuck's. So she'll be toast when she gets home. DH is working 24/7 and will not want to drive his DW to the yarn shop.

Ah well, time to get a few other things going.

Did I forget about the cable scarf??? I think I conveniently did! It's just a bit discouraging because I seem to make too many errors, and though I'm far better at frogging than I used to be, I still find it harrowing to take the needles out, rip stitches, and then try to get all those stitches back on the needle properly.

(I accidentally typed "flogging" instead of "frogging" just now, a true Freudian slip. Even though the Irish Hiking Scarf is so pretty, sometimes it feels like I'm flogging away at it. Reminds me of a funny true experience: several years ago, in Camden, Maine on vacation, we were in traffic and saw ahead of us a big truck for "Al's Logging Supplies" (go figure what that means). Fortunately, it had been creatively "tagged" with some additions, to read: "Weird Al's Flogging Supplies." My travel companions and I chortled through the rest of that traffic jam!

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Bells said...

oh your scarves are very, very nice. There's a right time and place for a fringe, IMO. Something that can be overdone, though.

And percy is an excellent model!!!