What I knit in between trips to YSs

It may seem that all I do is collect captivating (well, to me anyway) skeins of yarn, but I have been working on something recently. This is my K1P1 rib scarf, and I have found it just as taxing mentally as I could handle in the car on the trip home. Even then I had to frog three or four rows more than once due to inattention to this . . . ahem . . . difficult pattern. But it is coming together nicely and I love how rib knit is cushy.

I'm using sale yarn, Petrouchka Chatbotte (90% wool, 10% polyester, from France), that I got in Chelan, WA at a general store there that had a huge selection of sale skeins. My family has gotten used to me now and didn't even put up a fuss that I was making a beeline to fondle more fibers.

I also made Molly (DD2) an iPod sock out of dark burgundy LambsPride, but it's too stretchy so she's going to felt it and see if she gets a more useful result. :^) I'll photograph it if so.

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