One (Nifty) Skein/ Travels and Travails

Gee, it's good to be back home again. Here I was with my 3 DD's and my mother while visiting eastern Washington, where Mom lives.

Traveling has been fun and exhausting. Strange combination! Driving with DH and two of my teenaged DD's, well that was mostly lovely, but occasionally, esp. for DH, "like being in the shark tank." Poor fella. I won't mention that part of it was, inevitably, PMS.

From Mom, I have learned the rudiments of crocheting, enough to make what the girls and I were calling "doilies" or "antimacassars" for the headrests in the car on the drive. Whether all this can translate to adding frill to Leonie's cape I don't know yet, but it was fun to get started with it. But thanks, Mom, and thanks for the books on crocheting too.

Also knitted another hat, two stranded, black and gray/white, in the round. Did a lot of casting on, knitting something, and frogging it when it was clearly too big or too small to be a fill in the blank. I didn't mind though, as the knitting was good for my fingers and occasionally (see above regarding shark tank) my soul. My DS Kate liked her wrap that I had made on the Tahoe trip, from that divine Manos del Uruguay Cotton Stria. I have more of the melon color, and some in a medium blue too, so look out, World, and if you are wishing for something made of this, speak now or forever hold your peace.

I came home to a really cool giftie from my One Skein secret pal. That's it above--ain't it purty? It's made of soy and polypropylene, called "Wick," by Knit One/Crochet Too. I think my color tendencies are becoming quite clear to the world--doesn't it look "like me"? Thanks, Secret Pal! I hope I can do it justice! Still don't know what I'll make with it, but I'll sit down tonight with the OS book and see what looks right.

More knitting and more travel ahead--I leave Monday for Columbus to see my brother in Dayton and travel in rural Ohio and KY with him. Going to visit my first best friend from age nine, who lives in Richmond now. :^)

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