Deja vu all over again

I have been knitting while recovering. I have frogged almost as much as I've knitted due to mistakes, for which I blame my pain meds. But I now have two scarves underway, one the Irish Hiking Scarf and another a Cascades Pastaza twin rib. I'm so proud of my cables! I feel like a big girl now.

Unfortunately, I am in the midst of a reaction to something that was put on my foot after surgery, which happened when I had this surgery on the other foot in '99. At the time, the doctor and I surmised that it was Polysporin ointment, as I react to Neosporin and an eye ointment that is used for infections. But even with the red armband I was fitted with before the procedure, ("Danger, Will Robinson! No topical antibiotic ointments!!") three days into recovery, I am right back in that itchy hell again.

This time, the doc was willing to take off the bandages and scrub off every last bit of the Betadine that had dried thereon, and considering the huge itch factor and no way to scratch it before, I was in heaven as he scrubbed my foot with alcohol on a gauze pad. Finally! I bet he never thought he spent all that time in podiatry school to scrub some middle aged woman's swollen, monstrous looking foot, while she purred and sighed. But I digress.

So since then, I have been given permission to slather it three times a day with a strong cortisone cream, as well as to apply the medicine to a patch that broke out on my back last night. Now the patch is about twice the size it was and is all across my back. The affliction on the foot is moving upward toward my ankle bone.

Did I mention that I've been taking Benadryl every four hours and being a zombie, with still no improvement and actual worsening of the situation?

So it may be time to go for the big guns (or should I say the big scrub brush??) and have a steroid shot. Both sound really perfect right about now!

In other related news, my foot doesn't hurt that much and is healing fine. The swelling is around it but not in the stitches, and I hope it stays that way!

Sorry if this is TMI, I hope you stopped before you got too nauseated!

I'll just sit here and keep knitting and trying NOT to scratch.


Goldendomer said...

Glad to hear that you aren't in too much pain today! Keep doing as the doctor ordered and hopefully the rash will be gone soon.

Your Irish Hiking Scarf is looking lovely, by the way. Even in your drugged up state you still knit beautifully.

Karen said...

I'm glad to hear you are doing ok sans the itch (I hate when then happens and can totally relate)

Your cables look awesome!! :-)

Feel better,

Claudia said...

I hope you're feeling a LOT better soon! Ugh, so much to go through.

Meanwhile, I LOVE your cables!!!!! Made me smile - big!