Visiting a Yarn Store While On Vacation

While DH was at meetings for his conference yesterday, I did the only sensible things: I got a mani/pedi and then went to the local yarn store in S. Lake Tahoe, The Wool Tree. I heard that I had just missed a 50% off everything sale (zeut!) but was thrilled just to fondle the skeins that remained (a whole store full of course). And there was still a 50% off bin. Here are two I found in that bin--crayon sort of colors, variegated, in what I would guess to be a wool blend, and a more subtle blue/violet/cream variegated, also probably a wool blend. The ball bands were nowhere to be found which resulted in what the nice lady called "an executive decision" about their cost--$2 for one, $4 for the other. Sounded good to me!

And I found another in that bin that called out to me, pale blue gray, soft as a kitten, and a label all in French. I know "laine" just fine but decided to be brave about the "poir de chameau" until I could find a computer to translate it. Half price--$6.50. And it's camel hair! So it will make something soft and lovely.

I'm all set to try out one-skein projects now. :^)

I got one other big purchase but will save that for tomorrow's blog. Time to go for another foray into the wilderness, this time near Fallenleaf Lake, to Lily Lake and its attendant falls. I'll be knitting!

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