Jordana Paige and me = happy!

If you see my post about the final rows of the baby blanket below, you will note that the yarn store owner, Hollis at Full Thread Ahead, was a kind soul who took my defective yarn back and gave me a working skein. No trouble, no hassles, no anything. Top it off with the fact that she had also given us 20%-off coupons for the store, for participating in WWKIP day.

So, I saw that the fates had allied themselves in favor of my purchasing a Jordana Paige knitting bag. And I looked at two and decided on this one. It's as big as a Gladstone doctor's bag, and I could keep three knitting projects in it easily and still have room for my small purse. If you see in the first photo the small zipper bag, it is anchored near the top so that small items can be easily reached, like my Chibi needle holder and scissors, my Kacha-Kacha, and other vital things.

There are zillions of smart pockets, slots, and devices for making knitting types happy. I could run my yarn through one of those snap loops you can see above, so that it didn't get tangled up in another ball of yarn or etc. I think there are spots for straights too, but I'm not quite sure if that is their real intent.

It closes like the purses my mom used to have in the 60s (pocketbooks, she called them), and on the outside, if you see in the picture where the buckle thing is, it has what amounts to a small purse with lots of slots and things, so I could really take things out of my purse and keep them there. Then I would always have my knitting because I would always have my purse attached to the JP bag. :^) That could be good, could be bad, depending on my strength of will. Knit at the supermarket? Knit in classes? Knit while waiting for x daughter to finish x appointment? Sure! Like a good girl scout, always prepared.

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