Half a blanket!

Knitting like a madwoman all day, cramped right thumb, but here in all its present glory is . . . the baby blanket, half done. it is turning out so pretty, if I do say so myself. Did I mention that this yarn is soft? :^)


Jenean said...

Wonderful colors!! Great job! I've been feeling like I need to knit to breath these days, how about you? LOL I just finished a project and now need to start another one before WWKIP gets here.

http://staciesadventures.blogspot.com said...

Thanks Jenean, you are so kind.

I too am going to be at our WWKIP day (in Los Altos, CA). I hear there are others nearby in Cupertino and Los Gatos, CA. I am looking forward to it, and I think I'll have finished this blanket (I want to finish it by Friday as a gift for someone).

Yes, I feel as if I need to knit the same as I need to breathe. Good addiction if you ask me!

Goldendomer said...

Stacie -- I love this blanket!

Your work is always so beautiful. There are so many new yarns and patterns that I have bookmarked to add to my "to do" list thanks to you!

http://staciesadventures.blogspot.com said...

Thanks, Goldendomer. That is one of the things I like best about seeing everyone's blogs, and now I find that I always put the link to patterns (if they're free) and yarn info too, since I always want to know that on other people's sites too. Happy knitting!