Another gray cat--Pippi!

I loved Goldendomer's baby blanket on her blog, and it was "adorned" with her charming gray kitty. I esp. love it because I have two of those at my house (gray cats, not baby blankets--though somewhere in the dark recesses of my girls' closets are several lovely baby blankets knit or crocheted way back when by their grammy). Goldendomer's cat looks so much like my Pippi.

Check out Goldendomer's blog--it's great!


Goldendomer said...

Imagine my surprise when I click on your blog to see your latest knitting (which is always great) - and there's an entry about me and my cat Jasmine. How sweet of you! Our cats look like long, lost twins.

I adore my princess. She is a rescue animal that I got when I started grad school, and was the best thing I ever did for myself. She loves only me. No one else even gets to pet her, so they don't quite see what makes her so special.

She's in love with my new knitting hobby. She loves the yarn (of course!) and to get into all the pictures I take of my knitting!

Molly said...

Pippi looks so freaked out...haha