My first published knitting projects!

Hello, fellow knitters!

I learned to knit "English style" as a girl, promptly gave it up as too difficult, and then took a class in the early 90s in the German pick-knitting style (European?). At that time, I made one pink striped hat, a horrible vest for my then two-year-old, and assorted little wool pixies for the girls to play with.

The girlies grew up, and now I'm revisiting knitting. After probably 50 scarves of all sorts of yarn and for just about everyone in my family and work community, I am finally starting an archive of the work I do. I wish I had pictures of all that previous work! Some of the wools were so divine. And a few of the scarves were even well done. ;^)

So I just finished a mistaken rib scarf (as you will see, I was careful to include the mistakes) in a gorgeous blue Donegal tweed. Last week, I did a hat in the round (woo-hoo!) that has a stripe of that tweed in it. Easy and fun pattern. Gave it to a newly head-shaved teacher friend who lost a bet.

You can rely on my future work, as I am always thinking, "When can I go knit?"

Here are the hat instructions, which were recommended on the Knitting Novices blog:

As for the scarf, well, take worsted weight yarn and cast on 17 stitches (size 10.5 needles). For mistaken rib knit, you always do multiples of 4 + 1, and this is a good width, I think. K2 P2 and repeat until the last stitch, which is K. Do this every row. I knit until the scarf is approximately 4' long. Bind off in the pattern. Weave in ends. Smile widely. You did it.


sophi said...

Cute hat mom! i like the scarf too.

Could you make me a mistaken rib scarf?

Goldendomer said...

I really love the hat.. do you mind me asking what pattern you used?

Flavio83 said...

Hello! :) It is Flavio here, newly addicted as well :) Maybe we should exchange links? :) my blog is: :)

PS: Ironically we use English style in Italy and Spain, and I find it very very fast (no need to drop the yarn, you guide it with your index finger).


Molly said...

Mom, who lost a bet and had their head shaved? That's really funny.